5 SEO Strategies That You Should Steer Clear Of

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There used to be a time when you could get away with the use of unethical promotional tactics (better known as ‘black hat SEO’) in order to enhance your site’s SERP rank and attract more traffic. However, as Google began releasing more updates for improving its image in the eyes of its users, the parameters by which the search engine’s algorithms hitherto analyzed websites also underwent corresponding changes.

For you, this dynamic shift in mode of evaluating sites implies that using unscrupulous means so as to boost your site’s rank are likely to be penalized severely. Following are some of the SEO pitfalls or downsides you should steer clear of if you’re serious about ameliorating the position of your site on the search engine’s SERPs.

  1. Too focused on Google

Agreed that Google is the world’s top search engine implying that more than 90% of those who surf on the net tend to log into this search engine. This, in turn, implies that you’re competing with countless others for targeting the same set of prospects. You’d surely be better placed by casting your net wider or in other words, tapping into other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

  1. A Website that is not user-friendly because its design is outdated

You designed and developed your own site about a decade back but haven’t refreshed and revamped it user-friendly. Have you ever checked whether your site appears the same across all portable devices like a laptop or smartphone? Does it download almost instantly across all gadgets including a desktop and a tab?

Maybe, it’s high time you outsourced the revamping and maintenance of your site to a webmaster. You can bet that the professional will do a good job because it’s his livelihood.      

  1. Formulating a strategy without an implementation plan is futile

Just chalking out an SEO strategy and not taking steps to implement the same is like practicing using a shooting rifle and not using it.

  1. Depending overly on automation

Automation tools for promoting your site have a limited capacity to help you connect with your niche audience. You should make the most of the social media platforms for promoting your site.

  1. Developing content that is superficial

Avoid using plagiarized content and create blogs that are original and based on keywords.


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