The SEO trends to be followed in 2017

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Google’s algorithms keep changing with time and SEO has been evolving at a lightning speed. In the past six months, there have been interesting changes in the field of search engine marketing.

Focusing on mobile users

It has been a well-known fact that the presence of mobile users has been increasing at a rapid rate. Mobile accessibility has brought various changes in the SEO strategies. Today when the website owners check the distribution of traffic then they can witness that most of the people are visiting the website through their smartphones. Mobile searches had surpassed the desktop searches two years ago. Webmasters should consider mobile as the default traffic base and divert their focus from desktops. If you’re still not doing it then you’re losing out on opportunities.

Optimizing the website based on user intent

Search engines display results based on the intentions of the user. Today most of the search engines have become quite clever in understanding the user intent and making sure that they get what they are looking for. Though keywords search is still important but optimizing the content of the articles according to the user requirements is the need of the hour. You need to investigate what the users are searching at the moment. One of the best methods to do this is to check the suggestions that Google displays when you type something in the search box. Along with this, you need to keep pace with analytics, check what is working and what is not working. If any user is in search for a good lawn care service then he or she would search for this specific term in the search engine. For example, people looking for lawn care service in Michiana can type

Online marketing

Though people feel that multi-channel and cross-channel marketing are similar but they tend to be two different forms of marketing. Cross-channel mainly helps in marketing the brand by using different channels and avenues. One of the major aspects of cross-channel marketing includes targeted ads that are based on searches based on social media.

Understanding the importance of voice search

Voice search is still considered to be an ongoing project in the world of technology. There have been many experiments done on it for making it user-friendly. The fact that it has already become the fastest growing search option shows the importance of this medium. SEO marketers have already started to focus on this aspect of promotion as Google Now has been giving huge importance to this feature. Voice search is here to stay and it is one of the most important advancements of 2017.

A Newsletter Can Help Make Your Business Successful

Encouraging prospects and your niche segment to sign up to receive a newsletter for free might go a long way in helping to make your online business successful. Following are some of the unique benefits that you can expect to reap when you regularly publish newsletters:-

  • Increased sales: – You’ve got a greater chance of converting leads and prospects into steadfast clients when you tempt them to subscribe to your free newsletter. Your newsletter outlines the details regarding your business and how the prospective clientele can benefit if they purchase the product or hire the service you are promoting.

The newsletter, to put it succinctly and straightforwardly acts as a link between you and the readers familiarizing them with your undertaking. Once the readers start buying your product or service after going through the newsletter, they’ll are most likely to come back for more provided your ware or service is up to the mark. And it is the newsletter that acts as a spokesperson on your behalf when it comes to instilling trust in the readers.

  • Publishing a newsletter is relatively cheap compared to printing it offline

Uploading a newsletter or publication online and disseminating the same is relatively cheap as you don’t have to incur publishing or printing expenses. Publishing a periodical or newsletter offline is very expensive nowadays. At the same time, you don’t need to have a website to send a free newsletter to your prospects. All you need is a template and an email id for publishing the same.

  • A newsletter helps forge relationships with prospects and customers

An e-newsletter serves as an important online document that helps you or your business to remain sustainable. The newsletter which is constantly updated and refreshed by you keeps your customers and prospects posted about the latest developments in your business. In short, the newsletter is the means by which you relate to your clients.

Drafting a Business Plan for an Online Directory

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Chalking out an effective plan to make your online register or catalog a money spinner is as crucial as creating a proposal for any kind of undertaking. A well laid out plan will underscore the category of your online business directory and how you to intend to make it lucrative. The following tips will go a long way in helping you out with drafting a clear-cut plan as far as your online business index is concerned:-

  1. The proposal should clearly mention the steps you wish to take in order to make the online directory a profitable venture. At the same, the method should underline the measures you’re going to take if it faces obstacles. The modus operandi of the plan should be mentioned in detail and in a manner that is easy to comprehend and implement.

Updating and refreshing your scheme on a routine basis is vital as well so that the directory’s competitive edge is retained. You should jot down both short and long term objectives as well as the timeline by which you wish to accomplish the same. For instance, the total number of undertakings that you expect to get listed in the directory by the end of one month is a short –term goal.

  1. Your mission and vision declaration or account serves as the gist or essence of your online directory. This statement will highlight your aims and values for holding on to your competitive advantage in your commercial arena. The vision account will throw light on how to wish to satisfy the needs of the niche segment you’d be targeting.
  2. Your proposal will emphasize that you have a good idea about your main competitors and the strategies they usually take to target prospects. The plan will delineate in what way or ways your catalog is different from your competitors’ and how you plan to implement the marketing techniques.
  3. Finally, having a detailed financial roadmap is indispensable outlining the different areas of investment and the strategies you’re going to adopt in order to maximize ROI.

5 SEO Strategies That You Should Steer Clear Of

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There used to be a time when you could get away with the use of unethical promotional tactics (better known as ‘black hat SEO’) in order to enhance your site’s SERP rank and attract more traffic. However, as Google began releasing more updates for improving its image in the eyes of its users, the parameters by which the search engine’s algorithms hitherto analyzed websites also underwent corresponding changes.

For you, this dynamic shift in mode of evaluating sites implies that using unscrupulous means so as to boost your site’s rank are likely to be penalized severely. Following are some of the SEO pitfalls or downsides you should steer clear of if you’re serious about ameliorating the position of your site on the search engine’s SERPs.

  1. Too focused on Google

Agreed that Google is the world’s top search engine implying that more than 90% of those who surf on the net tend to log into this search engine. This, in turn, implies that you’re competing with countless others for targeting the same set of prospects. You’d surely be better placed by casting your net wider or in other words, tapping into other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

  1. A Website that is not user-friendly because its design is outdated

You designed and developed your own site about a decade back but haven’t refreshed and revamped it user-friendly. Have you ever checked whether your site appears the same across all portable devices like a laptop or smartphone? Does it download almost instantly across all gadgets including a desktop and a tab?

Maybe, it’s high time you outsourced the revamping and maintenance of your site to a webmaster. You can bet that the professional will do a good job because it’s his livelihood.      

  1. Formulating a strategy without an implementation plan is futile

Just chalking out an SEO strategy and not taking steps to implement the same is like practicing using a shooting rifle and not using it.

  1. Depending overly on automation

Automation tools for promoting your site have a limited capacity to help you connect with your niche audience. You should make the most of the social media platforms for promoting your site.

  1. Developing content that is superficial

Avoid using plagiarized content and create blogs that are original and based on keywords.